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A vibrant environment and a supportive community are both key to purposeful living and resident-centered care. At The Kenney staff, services, spaces, and amenities were designed with your unique needs in mind.

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– Meet Some of Our Residents –

The Boyers
Helen and Ernie Boyer had been enjoying their two-bedroom Kenney apartment for about five years. They were enjoying things they wouldn’t have done if, as Helen describes it, “I was trying to stick with my house thinking that was going to keep me young.”

Then Helen experienced a health emergency and landed in the hospital for eight days. When she returned to The Kenney for rehab, five staff members met her ambulance at the door. “They greeted me, checked me in, checked details from the hospital and made sure everything was signed and in place. I didn’t have to worry about a thing,” she recalls.

Confidence sped rehab
Ernie was just two floors away. “He was down to see me all the time,” Helen says. “He could bring me something from the apartment or take something back. I didn’t have to know everything I would wear for the next week because it was just a short elevator ride away.” Helen didn’t wonder if her husband was eating well, because she knew all about the delicious Kenney cuisine.

Back to her familiar apartment in just two weeks, Helen thinks she recovered more quickly because of her rehab at The Kenney. “Someone came right to me from the rehab department and helped me do the exercises. It was excellent,” she says. “The thing that is outstanding here, that I feel you’re not going to get in a lot of places, is the exuberance and friendliness of the staff. We have a wonderful, wonderful staff and wonderful food,” she adds with a smile.
Joan Wieringa
Joan Wieringa visited many different senior living communities in her career as an elder-care consulting nurse. So when the time came to decide on her own future, she already knew where she wanted to be: The Kenney. “I could picture myself living here,” she says. In 2002, following the death of her husband, Joan filled out an application for an independent-living apartment in The Ballymena. “I felt comforted that I’d made some kind of a plan.”

Even so, Joan wasn’t sure she was ready when The Kenney called with an apartment opening. She “turned it over every which way” and ended up with many more pros than cons.

While she sometimes misses her house, she doesn’t miss the endless chores and responsibilities of homeownership. Now, if something breaks down in her Ballymena apartment, she just calls maintenance staff and they fix it.

“My life is very easy,” says Joan, who still works four days a week and serves on The Kenney Board of Directors.
“I have free time. I can think about travel. And when I retire, I have a community waiting for me here.”
Captain John Kenney
Captain John Kelly looks out his window at his beloved Puget Sound with Blake Island directly west, Vashon Island to the south and Bainbridge Island to the north. A maritime historian and sailor who used to build boats for a living, John had to have a view of the water. “I have saltwater in my blood,” he says, his blue eyes staring out at an equally blue April sky. John and his late wife, Jacqueline, were at first reluctant to move from their West Seattle view home into a retirement community, but Jackie needed assisted-living care. They chose The Kenney because it’s in the neighborhood where they both grew up, and some of their friends were already living here.

So, among many new faces were quite a few familiar ones – from school days, from church and from the garden club and other organizations. The couple soon became involved in exercise classes, Bingo games and Monday afternoon socials. John helped clean up the Hobby Shop, which he enjoys and uses often.

“We were made to feel right at home,” he says. The Kenney became home and family, both literally and figuratively. (One of John’s sons is married to the daughter of another Kenney couple, which makes family visits convenient.)

When Jackie died in December 2008, John was so firmly anchored to The Kenney, he didn’t dream of moving, except to an independent living apartment in the historic Seaview Building. There, he not only has a view, but has continued to find many new friends.

What’s Life Like at The Kenney?

“I moved to The Kenney to be near my son and daughter and their families.  My husband passed away 5 years ago and I continued to live in our home, but it was getting to be too much to take care of.”

– Resident Virginia Murphy

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